FAQs for Hosts

Do I need to own my property to sign up as a host porch?
Yes, private property only, please, for liability reasons.

Do I have to have a porch?
No! Any outdoor, ground level, residential space (without access to a pool) will work including a porch, patio, stoop, lawn or garage. The space should be easily accessible from the street so passersby can appreciate the performances.

How will porches be selected?
Porches will be selected based on proximity to each other as well as suitable space for performers and spectators. We don’t want bands playing right on top of each other, but we also don’t want people to have to walk too far to enjoy the music. We’ll try to notify you well in advance if your porch will be used. As more performers sign up, it creates a need to add more porches.

Do I have to find performers to play on my porch?
Not at all. Performers will be assigned to your porch.

I’m a performer! Can I play on my own porch?
That would be awesome! Sign up as a performer and include a note indicating which porch you’d like to be assigned to.

How will I know who will be playing on my porch?
Once sign-up is complete, we’ll be contacting you to let you know who will be performing on your porch.

Do I have to provide water, refreshments, food?
About a week before the event we’ll provide you with a grocery store gift card to purchase refreshments. Water, lemonade, cookies, chips and fruit are always appreciated. If you choose to serve alcohol, please make sure you are monitoring it at all times.

How will folks know that my porch is hosting performances?
We’ll be providing lots of information on our website, including maps with a schedule. We’ll be setting up a lawn sign in your yard, weeks before Porchfest. We’re counting on you to help promote the event as well!

How long will the event last?
Depending on how many performers and porches we have, we expect Porchfest to take place from 1pm-5pm. Most porches will only be used for 2 hours, giving porch owners an opportunity to wander and appreciate the event themselves!